Veterinary Services


Full Care Small Animal Hospital

All three of our Veterinary service locations provide friendly caring people dedicated to helping you take the best possible care of your pet. We strive to educate our clients in all aspects of their pets’ health. We provide a full service hospital designed to meet all of your pets’ needs.

In Hospital Laboratory
We pride ourselves in the ability to provide very rapid results for the most common diagnostic procedures in-hospital. This means results are often available within 1 hour for sick patients. Wellness and pre-surgery blood testing results are usually available the same day. No waiting (and worrying) for the results to come back from the lab. This translates to improved patient care.
Dental Facilities
We are proud to have in-hospital ability to perform modern dental procedures. Dental disease affects almost all of pets over the age of two! Research has shown that proper dental care can improve both the quality and quantity of pets lives! Just like people! Research now proves that dental disease is linked to many other health problems, some whcih can be potentially fatal if undetected or untreated! Bad breath, tartar, red and bleeding gums are common signs that your pet would benefit from dental care! Please book an appointment to have a your pet’s teeth checked!
Ultrasound and X-Ray Facilities
We have in-hospital Ultrasound and X-Ray! Thus results are only a few minutes away! This technology means we can provide better care for your beloved pet!
24 Hour Emergency Service
24 Hour Emergency Veterinary Service is a service that we are proud to provide. Many veterinary hospitals no longer provide this service, and unfortunately most owners don’t realize it until they need a vet after hours. We feel good knowing that we’ll be there when our patients need us! You can be comfortable knowing that no matter when you call we’ll be there for you and your pet!
Nutritional Consulting Services
Obesity and obesity related health problems affect greater than 80% of today’s pets. Obesity is linked directly or indirectly to most of the diseases affecting our pets today. Slim pets are less likely to develop cancer, joint disease, heart disase, respiratory, metabolic diseases are just to name a few! Fortunately, weight control is a relatively simple method of preventing many diseases. Unfortunately, many pet owners are not even aware that their pet is overweight until a health problem arises! Don’t let this treatable problem harm your pet’s life! Call us and set-up a nutritional consult today!
Behavioural Consulting Services (Companion and Farm Animal Service)
We realize that sometimes even the best of animal owners can run into a behavioural problem. It is a well-known fact that the most common reason that animals are euthansized/ re-homed in North America is for behavioural problems. Don’t suffer in silence. Help is only a telephone call away. We also have a multitude of take home information that can help you avoid a problem or fix an established problem. Please call us today!
Products Available
We carry a wide range of prescription and non-prescription products designed to help your pet live their life to the fullest! We carry Royal Canin, Medi-Cal and Purina Veterinary Medical Diet food.
Limited Exotic and Pocket Pet Care
We offer basic quality care for most pocket pets and for some exotics. Please call for details.

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We have 3 large animal mobile units on the road providing excellent veterinary care for ruminants (cattle, goats,sheep, llamas, Aplacas) and equines (horses and donkeys). We provide care for both large farms as well as the single animal owner.

Equine Services
Mobile Hospital Units provide caring, compassionate on-farm care for horses, ponies and other members of the Equine family. Mobile Ultrasound and X-Ray Imaging Services assist our veterinarians in providing excellent on-farm service.
Herd Health Management Program
Herd Health Management Programs for Dairy and Beef Cattle, Sheep and Goats.

Designed to assist the producer improve their productivity by monitoring herd health, developing and implementing programs to reduce/control disease and help improve overall herd/flock reproductivity.

Whether you have one horse or 50 we can help you create the best health care program for your indidualized needs. Customized health care programs consider many  aspects such as age and health status of the horses, what they do ( ie trail, broodmare, competitive), where they go/who they come in contact with ( IE a horse that travels or comes in contact with horses that travel may require additional vaccinations). Regular health care programs  include vaccinations, regular parasite control, and proper dental care. Having a regular veterinarian also means they get to know you and your horse.

Equine Reproductive Management Services
Designed to assist horse owners improve their reproductive success. Our Equine veterinarians can provide the necessary assistance to maximumize the reproductive capability of your horses, whether you use natural breeding, chilled or frozen semen. Please call for more information.


YES WE OFFER 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE for our regular clients

We feel good knowing that we'll be there when our patients need us! You can be comfortable knowing that no matter when you call we'll be there for you and your pet!

Call 613 284-6108

Athens Vet Services

548 County Road 42, Athens, ON  K0E 1B0
Phone: 613-924-2009

Existing Client Emergency: 613-284-6108

Regular Hours
Monday/ Tuesday 8:30- 5pm
Wednesday 9am- 4pm
Thursday/ Friday 8:30am- 5pm
Saturday/ Sunday Closed

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Merrickville Vet Services

105 Wellington Street West,
Merrickville, ON K0G 1N0

Phone: (613) 269-4779
Existing Client Emergency: (613) 284-6108

Regular Hours

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5pm
Saturday/ Sunday Closed

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Smiths Falls Vet Services

250 Lombard Street (Highway 15)
Smiths Falls, (ON) K7A 5B8

Phone: (613) 283-4531
Existing Client Emergency: (613) 284-6108

Regular Hours

Monday - Friday 8am- 5pm
Saturday 8am- 12pm
Sunday Closed

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